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Anthem Vault Inc hired me to create a landing page for a new crypto currency based on real Gold.

Alibi Las Vegas

Alibi Las Vegas was a fun project that involved the creation of a custom character logo, web site design, and both front and back-end development. It is a show that takes place outside of a traditional theatre environment in Downtown las Vegas.

The Plant Protector

The Plant Protector is a simple web site build that includes a basic ecommerce online store implementation.

HoatziNest Web Application

HoatziNest is a Team Building/Project Collaboration Platform. My final web development project in collaboration with Bryan Penkala.

Behancio App

This website was the final project for Rich Media Optimization course at Full Sail Online.. It was fun recording the radio broadcast.


Spectrafy is a desktop Adobe Air Application for finding a large range of color inspiration. I developed both the desktop software and landing page. Feel free to download it :)

App Dojo

I was hired to create the brand and design the website for App Dojo, a resource community for Web and App development.

Tiko The Toucan

Tiko was created as a mascot for where it represents the tropical nature of Costa Rican Artist Jonathan Downing.

Enoks Laboratory

This was my first attempt at branding my first website. Enok's Laboratory website and the related mascots and illustrations.

Write Magazine

Character and Front cover illustration for Write Magazine, an underground graffiti and hip hop magazine.

Nice & Naughtee

Nice & Naughtee will be an upcoming brand in Las Vegas, targeting tourist of all over the world. I was given the opportunity in designing for t-shirts and be the artist behind their T-shirt line concept.

Hot Air

While working with Hot Air LLC, I was asked to create the logo and website. Though the project never got launched, it serves as a great example of logo typography.

JD Creationz

Simple branding for Jonathan Downing's art studio. Website design was used for a school project.


What’s Under the




Mission Statement

My mission is to gain full professional experience in the field of creative web design through freelance, while enhancing my career as an artist through the latest cutting edge web technologies.


This will allow new doors to open and land a stable employment in a highly creative environment of a reputable branding agency or web design firm that offers the opportunity to use my expertise in projects that are challenging both in design and front-end development.


  • Web Design & Development
    Fullsail University / Bachelors Degree
    2011 – 2014
  • Miami Lakes Educational Center
    Computer Programming / HS Diploma
    2002 – 2006

Skills In-depth



















science character

Relevant Features

  • Communication
  • Team player who can build firm business relationships with different development professionals
  • Able to work calmly in pressure situations in order to meet client expectations
  • Strong technical ability with a clear focus on delivery
  • Ability to work alone and take responsibility
  • Proactive & tenacious approach to all things in the creative field
  • Advanced computing skills and full competency across a variety of software
  • Confidence towards learning new skills & applications
  • A keen eye for detail and a natural flare for design




Professional Accomplisments


Multimedia Director for Church:

Given the opportunity to work as the multimedia director with other members of the church Camino a Cristo (Las Vegas). Duties include, weekly graphic design layouts and visual projections, including video and sound organization and live execution.


Graphic Designer for HB Events Inc:

Lead Designer for Events Marketing company. Full design services included branding, marketing, brochures, flyers, and political advertisements.


Graffiti Art Mural for The Garage Inc:

11 Walls fully painted with graffiti murals inside The Garage Inc facility building. The project was done for the sole purpose of launching a new reality TV show to be aired on Spike TV 2010. View images…


Graffiti Art Mural for PUMA:

Hired to paint urban graffiti mural for a private corporate event hosted by Puma Motorsports in Las Vegas. The event was to promote and launch their new clothing lines of BMW and Mercedes Benz.


Download CVHere is the printable version of my curriculum vitae with more detailed information.

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